Evolve the way you work. Become a business without boundaries.

Work smart, act fast, and make better business decisions with JB Hi-Fi Solutions Device as a Service (DaaS). DaaS is a complete, flexible, scalable, and secure approach to procuring and supporting device fleets. Our solution delivers hardware, device management, and lifecycle services to help businesses optimise their IT asset and resources – at a fixed cost per device.

Transforming and empowering business – a case study.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions partnered with Judo Bank to transform the business through a comprehensive and flexible technology strategy. The result is a future-ready and agile business that offers excellent customer service and enables employees to do their best work. Discover how JB Hi-Fi Solutions helped one business move away from expensive, limiting legacy technologies to flexible, scalable, and fast deploy technology solutions.

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DaaS Webinar

Watch our webinar to discover how Judo Bank’s cloud-first strategy was implemented with a JB Hi-Fi Solutions Device as a Service (DaaS) solution, to unleash the power of their modern workforce. Learn about how DaaS drives productivity and innovation through modern management, and how it can assist your business to streamline device management, improve cost predictability, by reducing upfront costs and improve end-user experience.

Welcome to the modern workplace

Fast delivery and zero touch
Deploy devices in days with streamlined delivery straight to the end user, zero-touch procurement and deployment.
Maximise productivity and performance
Develop your user personas and migrate your business to modern device management.
Minimise costs
Reduce your IT expenses by 25% with a single, scalable solution.
Streamline and scale
Streamline acquisition, setup, configuration, fulfilment and distribution of devices and scale deployment to match changing workforce dynamics.
Better end user experience
Give users choice of device, the latest technologies and the freedom to work anywhere and to better respond to customers.
Award winning service
Trusted Managed Services Team readily available to provide support.
Device and Finance Options
Full flexibility to procure devices and peripherals, via capex or open models, to suit your requirements.
Lifecycle service
Maximise device lifetime value from procurement to responsible disposal, to create a more sustainable future.

Why your business should shift to DaaS

Transform the way you work. Become a business without boundaries.

A modern, mobile workforce brings opportunities to work smarter. It also brings challenges in managing complex IT infrastructures that combine software and assets from multiple vendors.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions DaaS is a complete solution that consolidates software and asset contracts, making lifecycle management more manageable and freeing up your IT department to focus on core business projects.

Here are the top four reasons to move to DaaS:

Create a modern workforce, and amaze your end-users, by implementing a seamless solution that increases productivity and delivers new business insights, while freeing up time and capital expense.

DaaS for Procurement Managers

Streamlined, simplified, strategic

According to an IDC study of 456 workplace technology decision-makers, 50% believe they spend too much time pricing, securing, acquiring and managing devices and suppliers, updating inventories, and dealing with employee dissatisfaction with old technologies. Device as a Service (DaaS) simplifies device management and gives end-users the tools they need. It’s a game-changer for Procurement Managers.

DaaS for Business Leaders

Unleash the power of a modern workplace

Business leaders are often focused on improving the business across key areas such as employee performance, customer satisfaction, costs and processes, efficiency, and productivity. DaaS supports your goals by streamlining processes to deploy and manage devices – from procurement and configuration to administration, maintenance, and support.

DaaS for IT Managers

Evolve your business to focus on growth

IT Teams have a critical role to play in everyday support and in the growth of the business. Currently, 63% of IT managers believe they spend too much time managing and maintaining desktops, laptops, and phones. DaaS frees up your IT Managers to focus on helping your business grow and innovate.

Contact us to receive a FREE consultation with one of our experienced Solutions Architects, to discover the ideal solution for your business.

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