Keep up with tech-savvy employees by adopting a DaaS solution

IT Teams have a critical role to play in both everyday support as well as the growth of the business. Currently, 63% of IT managers believe they are spending too much of their valuable time managing and maintaining desktops, laptops, phones within their workplace rather than focusing on business growth and innovations. When you choose to move to Device as a Service (DaaS), you can free your IT Managers to focus on tasks that will help your business to grow and innovate.

Here are the top 4 key advantages of moving to a DaaS solution for IT Managers

Save time on device management 

Core to a DaaS solution is the automation of workflows and processes, which helps to standardise and simplify device management – from procurement to refreshNot only does this reduce what is normally a significant level of complexity- and time- for IT, it gets new equipment into the hands of end-users much faster. 

Big-picture participation

DaaS automates the set-up and management of devices and reduces the number of steps involved in replacing and repairing hardware. This can free IT Managers from much of the admin work so they can focus on big-picture projects, long-term planning, and improving business systems.

Increased efficiency

With a DaaS solution, IT Managers can deliver products quickly and efficiently to end-users within their workplace; a valueadd for any business. By speedily assigning the right device to employees when and where they need it, your employees can work more efficiently on-the-go.

Reduced risk

IT Managers can see detailed device and software inventory and monitor their workplace assets and data remotely and in real-time. With a DaaS solution in place, you can be proactive rather than reactive when identifying when these assets and systems are at risk. 

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