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According to an IDC study of four hundred and fifty-six workplace technology decision-makers, 50% believe they spend too much time securing and managing devices, suppliers, device pricing, acquisition and management, updating inventories and dealing with employee dissatisfaction with old technologies. Shifting to Device as a Service (DaaS) can help Procurement Managers alleviate those challenges by simplifying the management of devices and give end-users the tools they need.

Heres why DaaS is a game-changer for Procurement Managers

Deliver the right device to your end-users

You will be given the right devices for your end-users and will be able to supply appropriate training and support to match the end-users needs and allocated devices.

Streamline processes

No longer will you have to feel inundated by multiple processes, approvals and budget requirements. DaaS provides a strategic approach to procuring, set-up supporting, and managing technology assets throughout the complete lifecycle.

Streamline vendor management 

Minimise your daily tasks by only interacting with one supplier to manager your complete DaaS solution – giving you the time you need to focus on generating innovative business ideas.

Save time and cost

A DaaS solution eliminates the cost and time burden felt by procurement managers by reducing the reoccurring payments and complexity of procuring, maintaining, and decommissioning devices.  The proactive solution helps to increase user productivity and satisfaction, resulting in less employee turnover and an increase in the bottom line.

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