Prepare your business for the new modern workplace

The modern workplace is transitioning to a hybrid model that combines working from the office, from home, from anywhere. As your staff return in 2021, give them the tools they need to thrive in the new modern workplace.

With the right devices, connectivity, mobility, and security, your business will be ready for the challenges of 2021 and beyond.

Device Buy-back Service

Upgrade your fleet and maximise ROI with our Device Buy-back Service

Dispose of old, overworked devices for the latest technologies through our Device Buy-back Service. Start 2021 with the right tools to run your business off-site, at home, or in the office.


Connect your workforce with Telstra and Australia’s best 5G Network

Keep your people connected and productive with the latest in 5G plans and mobile devices from Telstra. JB Hi-Fi Solutions’ national team of telecommunications experts can help you harness all the benefits of advancing 5G technology to help your business thrive.

Managed Mobility

Focus on business while we keep you mobile

Simplify mobility and keep your workforce connected with Mobile Business Advantage, JB Hi-Fi Solutions’ industry-leading Managed Mobility solution. While JB Hi-Fi Solutions manages your devices, you can maintain visibility and control wherever they are in the new hybrid workplace. Get started with our Free Mobility Assessment, which reviews the suitability of your existing devices and plans, or contact us to arrange a modern workforce session and more!


Secure your devices, people, and business information

Keep business information confidential and protect your devices from ransomware attacks with simple and effective security software solutions. Advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention software will help protect your business from known, unknown, and zero-day malware, and provide automated endpoint forensics analysis and access control features. Affordable monthly subscriptions powered by global security experts Checkpoint Security are available exclusively through JB Hi-Fi Solutions.

Get in touch with the JB Hi-Fi Solutions team today to discover our range of services and be ready for the challenges of 2021 and beyond.

Give your people the tools to drive success in 2021

Wherever and however you want to work, Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is the solution. Secure connectivity you can trust and powerful enough to take you and your business where you want to be. The ultra-light, slimline 2-in-1 Surface Pro 7+ is portable, powerful, and productive.

Terms and Conditions apply, contact JB Hi-Fi Solutions or your account manager for details.

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