A better way to manage your mobile fleet

Managing a mobile fleet can be complex and time-consuming – sourcing devices, selecting apps, managing networks, reconciling costs, upgrading hardware, keeping your Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform up to date, replacing lost phones, and dealing with carriers.

Let our Managed Mobility experts help you simplify the process with Mobile Business Advantage, a comprehensive program that keeps your people connected and your IT focused on business outcomes.

Free Mobility Assessment

Thriving in the modern hybrid workplace can be difficult – creating business efficiencies can be costly, time-consuming, and requires in-depth product knowledge that your business may not have.

To help your business thrive, JB Hi-Fi Solutions are offering a FREE Mobility Assessment to our valued customers. This assessment will provide you with a recommendation report that details improvements and potential cost-savings that can be implemented to improve your business efficiencies.

How does it work?

To start your Free Assessment, we will call you and run through a simple questionnaire. All you need to bring is a current mobile bill and someone who knows your IT infrastructure. From there, we will:

  • Review your current mobile plans and usage
  • Make recommendations based on market intelligence and current in-market plans
  • Perform a mobile device audit & review
    (access to billing data required)
  • Perform a Mobility Maturity Assessment
  • Go through a Modern Workforce Planning Session (Total 1 Hour)

Free Mobility Assessment: features and benefits

  • In-depth Health Check
  • In-depth Spend Check
  • A path to changing the way you use IT
  • A deeper understanding of the mobile and EUC landscape
  • Confidence in knowing where you are and how you can make changes

We can manage your total business mobility requirement.

Expense management and reporting

  • Exclusive online platform, customised to your business
  • Easy to read, actionable reporting
  • Predictive analytics to optimise monthly expenses
  • Automated cost allocation across your business

Device lifecycle management

  • Express warranty claim and repair turnaround
  • Self-service ordering and support solution
  • Streamlined and efficient mobility processes

Unified endpoint management

  • Enterprise-grade security to protect your data and devices
  • Access to products from leading global vendors
  • Rapid enablement of services
  • Subscription-based options to suit your business


  • Local experts deliver advanced mobility solutions
  • Fast response online support
  • Service level support options to suit your business
  • Integrates with your own support teams

Our service packages

With the right devices, telecommunications, mobility, and security, your business will be ready for the challenges of 2021 and beyond.

Get in touch with the JB Hi-Fi Solutions team today to discover a better way to keep your business mobile and thrive in 2021 with a FREE assessment.

Terms and conditions apply, to obtain a free assessment audit and review customers must provide access to their billing data. For full details contact JB Hi-Fi Solutions or your account manager.

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