Modern Learning Blog Series – Adopting Surface for Better Learning Opportunities

Throughout this Modern Learning Blog Series, we’ve been exploring the benefits of adopting Microsoft Surface as the go-to personal device for schools. If you happened to come across this piece without reading the first two, you can access them via the links below.

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For the third and final instalment, let’s dive into the possibilities Surface provides for better learning opportunities by dissecting the unique benefits of the Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Go 2, both fantastic 2-in-1 devices for students.

Encourage digital storytelling

Storytelling lies at the heart of many learning activities for students. Whether it be creative writing, storyboarding a hypothetical alternative to historical events, researching a famous figure, or explaining the reasoning behind a science experiment, storytelling is a constant theme in education.

The Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Go 2 can take your students storytelling experiences to another level with front and rear facing cameras designed to put creativity at the forefront of student’s thinking. The cameras enable students to document a story digitally, whether that be filming fauna movement in the school vegetable patch, documenting cloud formations for science, or recording foot traffic at the bus interchange. With video and photo editing capabilities as well, students can develop digital storytelling skills that are required for a range of modern occupations.

Practice project execution and presentation skills with digital inking

The rise in STEM learning is accelerating student’s ability to think critically, and problem solve. Maths, science, engineering, and technology subjects often require students to work together and orchestrate project execution. The Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Go 2 perfectly complement such activities through digital inking and the flexibility to quickly flip between laptop and tablet.

Students can co-author documents and spreadsheets while also making notes with the Surface Pen for all group members to see. When presenting updates to the class or faculty, students can highlight particular areas of focus or draw attention to something in particular by flipping the devices into tablet mode and drawing on the screen in real time.

Take the classroom experience anywhere with modern portability

As we’ve touched on already in this series, the school landscape has undergone significant change in the last 12 months. When everyone was grappling with the spread of COVID-19, school campuses closed, and students had to learn from home. Although campuses are open again, the need to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning remains. No longer in the business of providing learning services from 9 – 3, schools are being asked to empower students around the clock, and they need portable devices that can easily be taken anywhere.

Perfect for facilitating an anywhere classroom, Surface devices are lighter than most textbooks, easily fit in a school bag, and are durable enough to handle the rigours of day-to-day transport and use. Further to this, when students are a little too ill to attend class, but willing to learn, they can easily leverage their Surface device to stay connected with their classes and curriculum.

Advanced and streamlined collaboration for all

Collaboration and the ability to work with other people is an absolute must in the digital world. Surface devices with Microsoft 365 and in particular, Microsoft Teams gives students the leg-up they need to develop their collaboration skillsets. Teams puts faculty and classmates just a click away at anytime, regardless of where students are learning.

Students can collaborate on documents, share thoughts and mind maps with digital inking, and regularly chat through the instant messaging feature. With high quality cameras and sound, video calls are clear and assisted by business-grade connectivity.

Empower learning for every student

Not every student can learn in the same way. Some benefit best from theoretical pedagogy, some prefer to learn in a practical manner, and some struggle with both due to learning disabilities and other factors. Microsoft Surface devices, in particular the Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Go 2, deliver a host of different modalities that enable all students to learn regardless of what works best for them.

Features such as the touchscreen, ability to enable text to speech, and digital inking provide students with a range of different tools that can keep them on top of their studies and developing skills that will benefit them in their professional lives post school.

The right technology solution for your school doesn’t have to cost the earth. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program enables your school to plan and deliver education to students using consistent, education-specific Microsoft Surface devices. And it gives parents access to affordable devices tailored to your school’s learning environment.

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