Allison Monkhouse
Allison Monkhouse Case Study

Allison Monkhouse funeral parlours have served Melbourne families for 150 years. With eight locations throughout greater Melbourne, Allison Monkhouse is one of the most prominent and respected parlours within the industry.

Offering 24/7 customer service, services for all religions and cultures, purpose-built facilities, serene locations and providing understanding and respectful service, Allison Monkhouse has been able to truly cater to families needs during hard times.


JB Hi-Fi Solutions was engaged by Telstra as their trusted partner, on behalf of Allison Monkhouse, to conduct an Information Communication Technology (ICT) audit.

This ICT Audit provided a health and capability evaluation of the technology environment within the organistaion and was the basis for an IT strategy. This strategy has been used to address current issues and concerns, and assist future decision making around technology enablement, as outlined by Allison Monkhouse.

Identified Areas of Concern
Collaboration Infrastructure
LAN Infrastructure
Managed Services three different partners supporting different components of the organisations infrastructure
Wide Area Network (WAN)


Provide the base physical network required to build stability & functionality moving forward (Structured Cabling / Racking)

Lan Infrastructure
Meraki Firewall Providing:
Easy and secure data communication between sites and Telstra Cloud
Secure internet connectivity at all sites

Meraki Switching:
Switches facilitate QoS in the LAN environment to assist with Voice Quality

Meraki Wifi:
Improved connectivity via wireless for all users at all locations

Wide Area Network (WAN)
Telstra Internet Carriage Services:
Separation of voice and data services to provide higher availability and improve speed
Improved connectivity with Telstra cloud and Internet due to increased bandwidth
All sites will work independently of each other, no single point of failure

Telstra Voice Carriage Services:
Separation of voice and data services to provide higher availability and improve quality
Telstra SIP Services with automatic failover to ISDN services to provide resilient carriage
Telstra private network between all sites to ensure improved quality of voice calls internally.

Cisco Unified Communications & Collaboration
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) – Call Control
Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) – Voicemail
Cisco Instant Messaging & Presence (CIMP) – Uni ed Communications
Cisco Webex & Cisco SparkBoard 55’ – Collaboration

Managed Services
Managed IT Services – Powered by Kaseya
Managed Network Services – Powered by Meraki
Managed Collaboration Services – Powered by Nectar


With a new robust, flexible and secure connectivity platform, Allison Monkhouse now has the right technology to support their collaborative and connected workplace strategy.

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) solution not only facilitates enhanced communication and collaboration across the firm, but it also contributes to a more productive and efficient workforce.

By utilising Cisco High Available (HA) & Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) technologies, Allison Monkhouse now have a redundant collaboration platform that delivers local survivability and local presence. This provides Allison Monkhouse with an unprecedented uptime for their organisations.

What’s more, the introduction of Cisco Meraki means that Allison Monkhouse now enjoys better visibility and control over both their wired and wireless systems for increased network security level.

Allison Monkhouse now also have a single managed services provider who is responsible for the ongoing support and management of their Network Infrastructure, Collaboration Infrastructure, and IT Environment. This allows Allison Monkhouse to focus on their core business with peace of mind and confidence.

“Motivated by a relocation to a new showcase centre, the decision was made to investigate new technology types and partners with a goal to create a more functional and robust environment. With no standard operating environment and a number of disparate vendors and partners, Allison Monkhouse had reached critical capacity and could no longer ignore the need for a more durable, resilient and functional connectivity solution.

In short, we needed a complete solutions partner. In assessing vendor offerings, it became quickly clear that JB Hi-Fi Solutions was well positioned to achieve our strategic goals. JB Hi-Fi Solutions, in partnership with Telstra and Cisco, has built a complete solution to achieve all of our immediate technology goals and provide capacity and flexibility for our future.”

A word from Michelle Strachan, General Manager