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As COVID-19 hit, Judo Bank used a cloud-first technology strategy to seamlessly adapt so its employees could work safely from home and its customers could benefit from uninterrupted service when they needed it most.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions’ Device as a Service (DaaS), has revolutionised how businesses implement technology in this ever-changing world. The solution involves a tech specialist assessing your business requirements and helping to build a tailored technology strategy that considers all digital aspects for the organisation to grow.

With virtual home offices and flexible workplaces here to stay, businesses leaders are looking at how they can effectively upgrade their current tech hardware and software without the usual expensive outlay, to ensure employees have the freedom to work on any device, anywhere and at any time.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions has a track record of empowering businesses through technology and has now added Australian challenger bank, Judo, to its list of forward-thinking clients. The businesses have worked closely to bring Judo’s technology strategy to life, starting with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Surface devices and utilising Microsoft security architecture to build a Zero Trust network, with single sign-on access across all internal and external services.

“We wanted to build a bank for the next 20 years, not for the last 20 years. When COVID-19 hit our employees were able to continue to operate as normal as the DaaS solution we created with JB Hi-Fi Solutions enabled Judo not to miss a beat.” said, Judo Bank‘s GM Service Management, Niko Bielovich. DaaS eliminates high procurement costs and initial outlay on technology by building a single product and service contract that is perfectly scalable for any size organisation or budget, while also including highly experienced IT support so that organisations don’t have to waste their bandwidth on megabytes and firewalls.

The DaaS solution model has the potential to save organisations 25% on their IT expenses while significantly reducing the set-up costs and allowing scalability for the business to grow.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions, Head of Practices, Jordan Barry, says technology is evolving quickly and organisations must stay up to date to have the virtual support when issues arise.

“We know how important it is to implement a custom IT solution utilising the latest in technology and innovation, which improves productivity and workplace satisfaction.”

“As we enter this digital era, companies are looking to upgrade from their current IT systems, and we have found an overwhelming trend within organisations to increase their cybersecurity while also switching to a cloud-based solution that provides the employee with visibility, control and security of its devices .” Said Barry.

“No one wants to call an IT specialist overseas or book an appointment at their local shopping centre for support. JB Hi-Fi Solutions offers the ultimate customer experience with immediate response times.” Barry added.

The ASX listed JB Hi-Fi continues to grow year-on-year, and with the addition of DaaS to its Solutions division, the JB Hi-Fi Group’s bottom line is strengthened as it proves to be on the forefront of technology, cybersecurity and remote workplace offerings.


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