Move to central Southbank location and IT restructure a win for JB HI-FI Group.

In 2019, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys Support teams relocated to the IBM building in Southbank. The coming together of these brands, for the first time in a single location has helped facilitate a better sharing of knowledge, allowed the brands to leverage respective strengths, and has also allowed for improvements in IT infrastructure.

JB Hi-Fi’s previous Support Office location was operating on an aging infrastructure that had grown organically over time with components of the network reaching the end of their serviceable life. The wired infrastructure was managed via traditional CLI methods which presented significant challenges around the consistency of the configuration across the fleet as well as the requirement for a certain level of technical expertise for staff responsible for day to day operation of the network. The lack of visibility, complexity involved in applying simple changes and the resource time required for maintenance caused significant problems

John Shipman, GM Insurance replacement, JB Hi-Fi Solutions stated, “our old office was operating on a legacy system, the problem we had, is that as volume coming in increased, reporting became a big issue for us.”

JB Hi-Fi CIO Simon Page echoed a similar sentiment, “Although the network was stable and reliable, it was just complicated to manage.”

Following several workshops identifying these issues associated risks, business unit stakeholders in conjunction with JB Hifi Solutions recommended relacing the existing platforms with the Cisco Unified Communications & Contact Centre Express platform, Cisco WebEx and Cisco Meraki.

The ability for Meraki to quickly deploy and configure infrastructure was key to the success of these initiatives. Outcomes ranged from the ability to apply configuration across the ports in bulk from a single web GUI to the ability to integrate authentication with an identity provider such as Microsoft Azure AD.

The contact centre express tools have also had a significant effect on our core business. For example, we can direct calls and queue behaviour with intelligence to best measure our volume, performance and flow. The new network solved the issues faced around security, user experience complexity and visibility.

This partnership between JB Hi-Fi Solutions and CISCO has enhanced workplace productivity with functionality such as call recording, responding to escalations, better reporting, and managing workflow. These IT renovations integrated people with technology by giving them the right tools and processes they need to succeed.


About our Partnership

 JB Hi-Fi Solutions has been a Cisco Partner for over five years

Partner Status – Cisco Premier Partner

Architecture Specialisation – Cisco Advanced Collaboration Specialization

Attendance at Exec Briefing:

  • Richard Murray – Group CEO
  • Ken Boal – Vice President ANZ
  • Tim Carter – Director of Supply Chain and Commercial
  • Tara Ridley – Managing Director Partner Organization
  • Brett McInnes – Group GM Commercial
  • Karen Schuman – Regional Manager Service Provider GTM
  • Jordan Barry – Head of Practices
  • Trudi Ferguson – Partner Account Manager
  • George Guirguis – National Connectivity Practice Manager


  • 2019 Cisco Managed Service Partner of the Year

Joint Initiatives

  • Cisco Market Place
  • JBS Managed Meraki
  • JBS Sales Kick-Off
  • Cisco Sales Kick-Off
  • Cisco Live Gold Sponsorship
  • Cisco Architecture Exchange
  • JB Hi-Fi Office Fit-Out
  • Cisco Webex Calling – Early Release Program



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The JB Hi-Fi Group, operating under its listed holding company, JB Hi-Fi Limited, brings together two of Australia’s best known and most trusted retail brands, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys. The Group sells an extensive range of consumer electronics, white goods, appliances, and home entertainment at great prices combined with genuine personal service from our specialist staff across 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand.