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Modern Workplace Blog Series: Importance of Device Fleet Manageability

So far in the Modern Workplace Blog Series, we’ve explored important pillars attached to streamlined collaboration and the increasing need for device security. For the final instalment, let’s explore device fleet manageability – the pain points, the importance of it, and how to act on your needs.

To realise the power of the modern workplace in a digital and dispersed world, we help businesses to be:

Intelligent, fearless, and agile.

  • Intelligent with the technology solutions they leverage and expertise they lean on.
  • Fearless in the face of disruption, innovation, and change.
  • Agile in their operations, management, and ability to pivot when necessary.

Each of these characteristics is relevant to device fleet manageability in one way or another.

Every business has the potential to harbour these qualities when it comes to device management, but it’s not always easy to realise when there’s challenges to overcome. Challenges that include:

  • Businesses operating with multi-vendor device ecosystems on varying life cycles
  • Team members working across geographically dispersed locations
  • Limited internal resources with no time to correctly source and maintain hardware assets
  • Limited budgets that prevent investment in the necessary resources to do the above

Sourcing and maintaining your hardware assets are not only fundamental to your overall ICT strategy, but also to your overall business strategy. Because when critical elements of device management are overlooked or not implemented correctly, you open yourself up to a range of headaches such as:

  • Unfulfilled productivity due to staff working with devices not conducive to their role
  • Security vulnerabilities because of unpatched and not up to date devices
  • Unnecessary overheads incurred because of ad-hoc purchasing
  • Potential downtime due to slow or delayed deployment and long configuration timelines
  • Lost assets as a result of zero or incorrect hardware tagging
  • Lost or stolen data because of incorrect disposal of devices at end-of-life

Thankfully, there are support services available that can help you avoid such headaches. JB Hi-Fi Solutions provides lifecycle management solutions that address all aspects of the device lifecycle. Our team offers end-to-end solutions, including product planning, procurement, ICT hardware
deployment, zero touch deployment, and fleet management.

We work with the world’s largest suppliers like Microsoft to deliver their Surface for Business range in alignment with an extensive range of maintenance, support, and software licensing services to ensure your technology environment is enabling the intelligence, fearlessness, and agility you need.

Procurement and Warehousing

Our team of specialists work with you to understand your team’s needs and develop a selection of devices designed to meet each different user type’s unique requirements. With warehouses across the country, we always have stock on hand to quickly deliver new devices when you need them.

Asset Tagging and Configuration

Knowing the full extent of your device fleet including the health of each device, when they’re reaching end-of-life, and which employees have what is imperative to your bottom line. Moreover, putting the right devices in the hands of your users and having them pre-configured to work straight
out of the box significantly reduces any potential downtime attached to a device refresh.

Installation and Disposal

With limited resources, the time taken to install a new fleet of devices can be a productivity crippler. Not only that, the associated pitfalls of not correctly disposing of your old devices can result in compromising situations across lost data and IP.

Deployment and Migration

With the explosion of remote working, rolling out new devices to a team spread across cities and potentially even across states requires an incredible amount of effort, time and logistics. Our nationwide coverage gives you peace of mind knowing we can deploy directly to your users no matter where they are located. And if you’re on the digital transformation journey and need to migrate existing systems across to new and more agile platforms, our team of specialists can help you with that as well.

But what about the costs?

We consolidate all your assets onto a single supply contact to help you minimise capital outlay while maximising your ROI. With our proven service history and long-standing reputation, clients can have confidence that our team will assist in making the right decision for product planning and

Whatever your situation, we can help you identify the best approach to meet your needs and get the most out of your team and technology investments.

Get in touch with JB Hi-Fi Solutions today.