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Modern Workplace Blog Series: Security From the Chip to the Cloud

For the second instalment of our Modern Workplace Blog Series, our focus lies in endpoint security.

With the threat landscape becoming increasingly prevalent, organisations large and small need to take more vigilant and proactive approaches to IT security. Compounding this increased need for better cyber security measures is the significant increase in remote working that has occurred over
the last 12 months.

Findings in the ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) Annual Cyber Threat Report which highlights reported cyber incidents between July 2019 and June 2020 paint an important picture.

  • The ACSC received a total of 59,806 cybercrime reports over the 12-month period.
    That’s an average of 164 per day, or roughly one every 10 minutes
  • The ACSC responded to 2,266 cyber security incidents
  • 27% of all incidents were a result of malicious emails, while 24% were a result of
    compromised computer systems
  • The ACSC classifies ransomware as the number one threat to Australian SMBs 1

While your people will always be your strongest (and weakest) assets, it’s their endpoint devices that are fighting on the frontline. And to be as proactive and vigilant as possible, your teams’ devices need secure protection from the chip to the cloud.

Microsoft Surface for Business helps you do exactly that with a host of Microsoft security features designed to deliver the protection a digital world demands.

1. It starts at the chip level

Microsoft Surface devices house their own version of a BIOS called a UEFI. Think of it as your computer’s spark plug, only it does a lot more than your standard spark plug. Microsoft extends security management controls right down to the UEFI and proactively manages it with regular
updates that work to protect against known and emerging cyber threats.

2. Stay vigilant against known real-time threats

Emerging threats appear on the internet every second. Microsoft Surface devices come pre-loaded with Microsoft Defender ATP, a simple solution designed to protect your teams against threats in real-time. It’s also a time-saver for your internal IT team thanks to automatic updates.

3. Biometric authentication for added peace of mind

Gone are the days where a password containing letters and numerals would suffice for device protection. Windows Hello on Surface devices gives your team fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities as alternatives to the traditional password.

4. Limit accessibility if your device is lost or stolen

Unfortunately, devices get stolen or go missing all the time. But what happens to the data on those devices if it’s not encrypted? Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on Surface devices enables the quick and easy encryption of your data, preventing access from anyone not authorised.

We tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, simplifying the increasingly complex task of protecting your technology assets. Our solutions will not only protect you from threats, but also help you detect security breaches, and then promptly contain them. Whatever your situation, we can help you identify the best Microsoft Surface solution to bolster your security footprint and keep your teams and data safe.

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[1] Australian Government, ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report, July 2019 to June 2020 [Available Online]