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Security and Protection of the School Campus

When discussion falls to security in schools, it’s often to address the ever-growing cyber security and how to leverage technology to protect critical data.

As a result, discussion around security and protection of the physical campus can sometimes fall by the wayside.

Recent news reports have highlighted not all students feel safe enough when on campus, which is bringing renewed focus to how schools can better leverage technology to provide the safety net that students and parents’ desire.

There are technologies available that enable the use of facial recognition technology for monitoring students and recording attendance, heat mapping for monitoring overly congested areas, easy to manage dashboards that provide an holistic view of the school campus.

A cost-efficient, easy and effective way to secure your campus is by leveraging modern cloudenabled network solutions that encompass strategically placed smart cameras.

At JB Hi-Fi Solutions, we partner with Cisco Meraki to help schools develop world-class environment to learn, teach, and play safely. By leveraging a Cisco Meraki solution with Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras, you can enjoy a host of benefits that help keep your students and staff safer.

Benefits include:1

  • Remote management delivered through the cloud that is easily accessible on any web browser
  • Ability to quickly scale from a handful of cameras to thousands
  • Storage of recorded video on the cameras themselves that can be archived to the cloud with one click, eliminating the need for excessive storage infrastructure
  • Analytics tools that deliver motion heat maps and object detection which allows for the easy identification of any incidents
  • Peace of mind knowing your students and staff feel safe anywhere on campus
  • The option for LMS integration can provide facial recognition technology that allows for quick recognition of student attendance
  • Through leveraging the central dashboard, you can easily stream video and generate video walls to monitor numerous vital areas at the same time
  • Fantastic time-saving features such as video clip export if you need to take footage somewhere, and motion search if you need to investigate a potential incident

School security shouldn’t just be a conversation about mitigating cyber security threats, you also need to consider the benefits of technologies like Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras for on campus physical safety.

Your network is the technological foundation for which all school functions and communications rely on, and by placing more focus on the benefits of smart cameras as a key element of your network, you can enhance the safety and overall security of your campus.

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