The modern learning environment is a connected, intelligent setting, powered by resilient network infrastructures and fit-for-purpose tools, that enhance the student experience by allowing them to engage, communicate, collaborate and learn readily from anywhere.

Creating a modern learning environment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about enabling classrooms with the right mix of solutions that help teachers reach and engage students.

With professional advice, education-specific products and strategically tailored solutions, schools, universities and institutions can achieve outstanding outcomes from their ICT programmes. With over 22 years’ experience supporting the Education sector, JB Hi-Fi Solutions can help you to create modern learning environments that empower educators and inspire students.

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Empower educators and inspire students through modern learning environments.

Learn more about Modern Classroom solutions offered by JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions here:

Creating the Modern Classroom – JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions partners with the world’s leading brands to deliver solutions for your school.

BYOD Programmes for Smarter Schools

Every student needs access to their own device for learning, anywhere, anytime. Every educator needs tools and support to meet their students’ diverse learning requirements.

The JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programme enables schools to plan and deliver education solutions to students using consistent, education-specific devices.

Deliver outstanding learning in the classroom and beyond with education solutions designed for educators, staff, students and families.

Learn more about the BYOD Programme offered by JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions:

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions BYOD programme brings you the largest range of devices and services designed for education, a dedicated team of experts, a portal for seamless procurement, and a national network for timely delivery.

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Our BYOD Programme delivers devices and
accessories from the world’s leading brands.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions provides professional advice, education-specific products, and strategically tailored solutions to help schools, universities, and institutions achieve the best possible outcome for their ICT programmes.

School Representatives can register to use our procurement platform below and browse our range of Computers & Tablets, TVs & Interactive Panels, STEM / STEAM components, Core Infrastructure, Musical Instruments and more.

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