Insurance Replacement

We are Australia and New Zealand’s leading insurance replacement service, providing end-to-end replacement and fulfilment for major home, warranty and travel insurance companies and claimants. Our dedicated JB Hi-Fi Solutions Insurance team works in conjunction with the JB Hi-Fi retail store network to offer a seamless service to the insurance industry, facilitating easy and timely product replacement for claimants Nationwide.

This team supports the insurance industry by decreasing claim touch points, accelerating the product replacement process, and streamlining operations through our product validation, gift cards, and dedicated insurance systems. Traditionally, insurance staff have conducted tedious internal search processes, that can take several hours to find like-for-like products to fulfil claims. These requests are now forwarded from the insurer to JB Hi-Fi Solutions, in a schedule of loss, to seek replacements.  This system has had a momentous impact on our industry partners by assisting with their day-to-day operations, reducing labour output, and allowing insurance staff to focus on policy issues and insurance related services. It has also drastically shortened claim life cycles, ensuring that high-quality products are received and that customers are left happy.

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