Procurement, Lifecycle & Warranty Management

Sourcing and maintaining hardware assets is fundamental to your overall ICT strategy. JB Hi-Fi Solutions provides procurement and lifecycle management solutions that address all aspects of the device lifecycle within organisations.  Our team offers end-to-end solutions, including product planning, procurement, ICT hardware deployment, zero touch deployment, and fleet management.

We work with the world’s largest suppliers to provide leading technology, and an extensive range of maintenance, support, and software licensing services, to ensure your technology environment is operating efficiently.

From procurement and warehousing, asset tagging and configuration, installation and disposal, deployment and migration, we consolidate all your assets onto a single supply contract to help to minimise total capital outlay of your technology investment, while maximising ROI, over the life of your assets. With our proven service history and long-standing reputation, clients can have confidence that our team will assist in making the right decision for product planning and management.

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