The Surface family
Versatility for the Modern Classroom

Your modern classroom is a place where teachers and technology work together to prepare students for the demands of the future workforce. School’s wanting to deliver immersive and studentenabled learning environments need technology and solutions that keep your educators and students ahead of the curve.

Microsoft Surface devices and accessories provide the ultimate in
versatility and flexibility for your modern classroom and beyond.

Why Choose Surface for K-12 Education?

  • All-day battery life to meet the demands of every learning case
  • Performance and power for every type of learner and educator
  • Quality cameras and microphones for clear and uninterrupted conference calling
  • Designed durable for the day-to-day ruggedness of school
  • Versatile use modes across typing, presenting and on-screen inking

Schools with Surface devices experience:1

  • 58%

    reduction in printing

  • 25%

    less daily prep time

  • 30min

    more daily teaching time

  • 50%

    reduction in ICT time

  • 90%

    of parents said Surface exceeded their expectations

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions

With over 21 years’ experience working in the Education sector, we can help design and implement the most effective and efficient ICT solutions for your pedagogical objectives. With a team of 150 highly skilled specialists, we can provide you with professional advice, education-specific products, and strategically tailored solutions to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your ICT programs.

Microsoft Surface Family in Focus

Surface Laptop Go

As the lightest of the Surface Laptop’s this 12.4” touchscreen device is perfect for powering essential learning experiences for mobile high-school students moving from class to class.

  • 13-hour battery life
  • Starts at just 1110g
  • HD camera

Surface Hub 2S

Enable truly blended learning and interactive teamwork with the Surface Hub 2S all-in-one digital whiteboard. This is versatility personified.

  • Available in 50” & 80” displays
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams
  • APC™ Charge Mobile Battery

Academic outcomes often hinge on digital learning. With Microsoft
Surface, your students and teachers can be inspired to work that little bit harder and truly realise their potential. Through tthe above to drive digital learning initiatives, your school can:

  • Optimise productivity and learning outcomes with PD and accredited training for teacher support
  • Release your internal IT team from the shackles of device management with secure, reliable devices, streamlined deployment solutions, and ease of management
  • Leverage future ready technology that is perfect for driving student outcomes, improving staã satisfaction, and generating data led insights to improve your school
  • Fulfill the ever-expanding needs of your students with rugged devices built to withstand the day-to-day rigours of school without faltering

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Best-in-class execution

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Purchasing Portals

These resource centres give you access to Education specific products that have been selected and approved to work within your school’s ICT infrastructure.

Want to learn more about the Microsoft Surface Family?

Creating a modern learning environment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about enabling your classrooms with the right mix of solutions that help teachers reach and engage students.

To speak with one of our Microsoft Surface Education Specialists today, fill out the form and you’ll be contacted shortly.

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